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This leading bank in Philippines has successfully built its empire going from strength to strength. With 300+ branches around the globe, 5000+ employees dedicatedly serving customers for retails, commercial, corporate banking, and financial markets, it is hailed as a pioneer in financial services.

This bank has always prided itself on its motto of rendering the best financial services to its customers. As a result, their responsibility lies on finding candidates that imbibe their vision and are perfect fit to the organization.

Leading Bank in Philippines

In one of the initial calls, VP, Recruitment of the bank and our CTO, were discussing the entire recruitment process in detail. She said, “When we have evaluated our internal system for online testing, it is found that currently we are using paper pen exam for pre-employment testing and are manually checking it to get the results. This process is really time consuming and involves a lot of administrative efforts. As we really don’t have online testing in place, we decided to look for an application that can help us to bring our whole skill testing process online”.

As they saw the need to move the company from its traditional or offline medium to a more efficient, enterprise-level skill testing solution, they began their hunt for evaluating an application that can help them to build their skilled workforce.

“In our trial period, we found that Interview Mocha is user friendly and very easy to navigate. Creating tests, inviting candidates, and actionable reports made it a super easy platform to use."

She said, “But our main concern is, the online testing application should be integrated with Greenhouse as our 60+ recruiters are using Greenhouse for hiring purposes.”

traditional skill evaluation

They knew that moving from traditional to the advanced method of skill testing is going to be tough. Therefore, they started with a trial account and got the live POC (Proof of Concepts) that they are going to get with Interview Mocha in the long-run.

Being a top player in a banking sector, the bank is always in a constant demand of new talent, preferably fresh graduates. The old manual skill evaluation process was followed by the time consuming interviews. Even when lots of efforts, and time were spent for the selection, the desired outcome was out of sight. By opting for online skill testing with Interview Mocha, they have reduced their interview time by almost 66%.

Emphasis on candidate experience, white labelling, quick and fun tests were key reasons for the bank to attract top quality talent and be a sought after employer.

"Since, Interview Mocha is a Greenhouse partner, we are successful in streamlining our recruitment & it resulted into 80% of time saving for skill testing and has reduced our administrative hassles up to 92% (v/s old method)” says VP, Recruitment.

Leading Bank of Philippines has reduced cost per hire by 40%

We were asked to keep the name of bank confidential as they are not allowed to provide these details, but we got the facts to help other customers or whoever is seeking answers.

The approx. cost per hire for the bank before using Interview Mocha, a Greenhouse assessment partner = $5,000

Cost saved after using Interview Mocha with Greenhouse = $2,000

Hiring Success

Now, with Interview Mocha and Greenhouse Integration, the bank is managing and monitoring its whole recruitment process on a single platform. The work of several hours will now be cut down to few minutes. Paper and pen are out of the picture giving them sense of a completely digital recruitment process that augments its image of a leading financial institution.

“We have been using Greenhouse ATS along with Interview Mocha for our sourcing requirements. It's incredible how the integration has helped us track potential candidates and assess their skills from a single platform.”

VP, Recruitment
Leading Bank in Philippines

We soon uncovered that although a lot of our customers were using Greenhouse and Interview Mocha, it took ages to get the integration going. Reason being, the entire process was technically driven and implementation became a daunting task.

That's where we decided to create a truly seamless integration which is now known as 1-Click Integration with Greenhouse. where our customers could simply set-up the integration without any coding or the technical stuff, something that would save time and let the automation do the rest.

“Interview Mocha 1-Click integration with Greenhouse ATS is 100% DIY, doesn’t require any IT skills and completes in less than 5 minutes. Now integration works like a charm for us.”

VP, Recruitment
Leading Bank in Philippines

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